Saturday, 4 December 2010

Life Drawings

Here are some of my life drawings. Used chalk, pencil and ink to complete them.
Click on image to enlarge

Monday, 15 November 2010

Open Brief Piece

This is the Open Brief piece that I made using traditional animation. I'm fairly proud of it, although due to the time restriction of 10 seconds it feels a bit rushed and not quite natural enough. I enjoyed making it, however it did take a little bit too long, and I really need to speed up my work rate, regardless I hope you'll enjoy it.

Under Camera Pieces

Here are some under camera excercises that we were asked to complete as part of our Round Robins. This particular excercise required us to work with different materials to create a 10 second clip. It was interesting to use these materials and also gave me a chance to learn the software and hardware.

This is the final 10 second piece made using cut out black paper on a white surface.

A test using sand on glass, again working under camera

A really short plasticine animation

This is a cut out test

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


A very slick 2d animation made by Fiquet Ben. Love the character designs and the camera movements.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Professor Layton: The Lost Future

This trailer is for Professor Layton: The Lost Future. This is the third instalment of the Professor Layton games released in UK, although I've only played the first one I loved it. The animation is undobtedly what I posted it up for, it's smooth, beautiful and the voice actors give the characters an extra depth. Quality all round.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Final Fantasy XIV trailer

This is the "trailer" for the new upcoming Final Fantasy XIV game. I love playing games, especially final fantasy games. With every one they manage to create beautiful worlds and characters while keeping the narrative strong and the gameplay simple. But in my opinion the main thing that makes final fantasy stand out from other games is the CGI. It is in a complete league of its own, and the other games would need years to catch up. Anyway, enjoy the trailer...

Shooting Gun

I decided to create a quick line test, inspired by the zeotrope idea, of  a gun firing repeatedly. I wanted this animation to be more detailed and technically better then the Pacman piece I created earlier.

Zeotrope Excercise

This is a line test for a zeotrope excercise we were given to do during the first week of uni. So i decided to do Pacman... everybody loves pacman.

Old Images

I've never used blogs before so i've decided to upload some of my old images that i did in my spare time at college. I love to draw so hopefully these images will express my desire to do just that.