Sunday, 19 October 2014


Halloween is near. So I thought I'd make something relatable, its also an old design I once did, that I thought I turn into something good. WIP

WIP, Textures added along with a Normal Map, I might need to clean up the normal map further, the segment curves in the pumpkin aren't defined enough and don't look that nice yet. 

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I decided to make something with more emphasis on texturing and the associated maps, such as the reflections, specular and diffuse maps. Although in this case the normal map didn't matter too much. I made a fairly simple space helmet and spent more time and effort on the maps, gave it a simple render, and in all honesty i feel it has come out very nicely. 

my texturing has also come a long way from what i used to do and i can see the mistakes i used to make, granted from now on i wont be making them again. At least i hope not. Regardless, heres some wireframe renders and the finished piece.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Hut Hand Painted

I have continued some more hand painted work which I am growing more accustomed to and enjoying making quite a bit.

here I have made a small hut which I am thinking of putting together a small town, or scenery, and putting into Unity3D. Should be interesting.

I've done some of the textures, but is not finished yet. looking nice at the moment.

An updated version of my hut at the moment. I have added some "garnish" in the form of some grass clumps, fences and added an island to place it on, some of the textures, such as the roof and the rocks on the island will need some more cleaning up. 

I updated the textures, mainly of the hut roof and also the cement to give a warmer texture to the feel of the hut. By adding a directional light with a reddish tone enhances the warmth furthermore. Overall, I feel that this has been a successful little project for myself. 

I've added some simple trees to give the scene a bit more natural feel, i like the leaves. The texture for the house and the fence surrounding it is below 2048 x 2048

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hand painted Textures

I have been busy with another project where the material is kept tight, thus the absence from the blog for a while. Regardless i have been checking out some hand painted textures on Youtube, and checking out how they go about doing them.

Here is my attempt, although it took me some time to create the textures. I probably will speed up in future :)

Texture WIP

I decided to update my gun a little bit, mainly the lights and the render to give it a bit more life.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


my second car, BMW Z4 about three weeks, pretty pleased.