Tuesday, 7 June 2011

End of first year

Well the first year has ended, and after a pretty successful and fun year, I'm going to learn as much from Maya as possible. hopefully, come second year I'll hit the ground runnning. I've decided I'm going to take the CG route. In which case I'm gonna start with modelling first, can't animate without objects. Here are two models I did, the first is a random face and the second is an alien from my open brief project for the last module. I'm quite pleased with what I came up with, although there are alot of mistakes, and i need to learn hair/fur, and also where to begin sculpting ears. Regardless I like to create realistic (ish) figures rather then the cartoony type, thus the detail in the first head, but theres still a long way to go, so I better get cracking.

Decided to add some colour to the face, as you can see
I find it easier to do one half first then mirror the other half.

I decided to start adding shoulders to the head but found out it created a double face.
may look okay now but once it renders it doesn't look too good.  
Alien head, the original version is below, there are a few mistakes.