Saturday, 5 May 2012


I've decided to call it Jimmy, not the final one, however, added some gattling guns on the hands. need to figure out how to get the textures on the body. Then it'll be pretty awesome... hopefully. The textures on the gun are simple blinns, so they need to be roughed up a bit.

Here are the low poly version, used a transfer mapping to put the high poly version onto a lower poly mesh, this way I can use it to be rigged and then animated without it lagging or struggle too much. Need to figure out how to get the textures out from zbrush version, or i'd have to do them manually in photoshop :(
Above Prev poly count (tris): 1531904
Below Low poly count (tris): 4944

Thursday, 3 May 2012

ZBrush Painting

I've gone a bit crazy with ZBrush poly painting feature, basically where you can physically paint your sculptures in the program. I could do this in sculptris on my laptop however, due to my lack of graphic cards, is impossible. Looks pretty good atm so will be going a step further by working out how to put all these lovely textures onto a UV map... It took me about a while to find out how to get into a poly painting mode, so it may take a while... before i take it any further.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Missed ZBrush

I came back to Uni to come back to ZBrush, and have missed the software over the Easter. I decided to sculpt a random thing - android slug- to try out how fast and to get used to the software again. Turned out pretty well, but could add much more detail to it. I might go back to it and finish it off proper.