Monday, 15 November 2010

Open Brief Piece

This is the Open Brief piece that I made using traditional animation. I'm fairly proud of it, although due to the time restriction of 10 seconds it feels a bit rushed and not quite natural enough. I enjoyed making it, however it did take a little bit too long, and I really need to speed up my work rate, regardless I hope you'll enjoy it.

Under Camera Pieces

Here are some under camera excercises that we were asked to complete as part of our Round Robins. This particular excercise required us to work with different materials to create a 10 second clip. It was interesting to use these materials and also gave me a chance to learn the software and hardware.

This is the final 10 second piece made using cut out black paper on a white surface.

A test using sand on glass, again working under camera

A really short plasticine animation

This is a cut out test